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Aficionado: A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a subject, pastime or activity

That really sums up the team at Heritage Portfolio – Aficionados about food!

We love what we do.  Our chefs are chefs, our directors were chefs, our café managers are chefs and a vast majority of our team think we’re chefs!  It’s in our blood and it’s something that we love to share with our clients and friends.

Aficionados is a series of events that run throughout the year where we share our skills, knowledge and passion for all things food.  It could be a Champagne and canapé matching class, a hands-on salad making or baking class, a supper club or even a wreath making class… while eating good food!

We have a team of experts from every area of hospitality from chefs and bakers to event designers.  And like all professionals we surround ourselves with likeminded suppliers who we think are the best in the business.  We’ll be inviting them along to some of our Aficionados events so that they can educate, thrill, enliven a hidden passion or awaken an enthusiasm you didn’t yet know you had. Leave it to us to bring the excitement, all you have to do is arrive open to learning and having fun.

The two things that are guaranteed are that you will learn something new and you will have some fun!


On this page we will host a list of all of our events with tickets available to buy online – but be quick, they sell out fast!


Are you a foodie or do you enjoy hosting friends and family and putting on a bit of a show? Then a membership is a great way to live your hobby or buy a foodie friend an annual membership so that they can enjoy learning about what they love.  

Membership is annual and costs £70 per person.

What’s included:

  • Advance booking of event tickets
  • 15% off ticket sales for many events
  • Members only equipment available for purchase (aprons, utensils)
  • Dedicated enewsletter with hints and tips from the professionals and information on upcoming events
  • Exclusive offers in all cafés by Heritage Portfolio outlets

Click here for more information or to purchase a membership.