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Welcome to Aficionados – a series of masterclasses which will teach you how to take some Heritage Portfolio magic home!  

In these classes, our specialist teams and partner suppliers showcase some of their favourite culinary concoctions and offer tips and advice so that you can make them your own.  An Aficionados event is the perfect experience to enjoy with a friend or on your own and voucher for a class also makes a memorable gift.

Past events have included seasonal salad masterclass, a midsummer dinner with the chef, chutney making class, cava tastings and Champagne and canapé pairing classes.  And let’s not forget, we always do this while enjoying delicious food and wine!

Below are the upcoming events and details on how to become a member so that you can benefit from reduced ticket prices, advanced booking and members only kit. 

See below for our upcoming foodie masterclasses

An experience in gin and chocolate! 

At Colonnades, the Signet Library (19th February, 6pm-8pm)

Who knew there was such a variety of gins with such amazing history?!  Well, you will by the end of this amazing experience! 

We are partnering with a leading gin company to offer you the chance to hear directly from them about how they create their amazing flavours and how to make the most of your drinks by pairing them with the perfect tonics. 

And not only this… we’re bringing in chocolate specialists to provide a tasting of some of the best treats you’ll ever enjoy.  Using their incredible senses and generally being absolute whizzes, our specialists will be pairing the gin and chocolate to create a pairing that you’ll not only enjoy on the night but will be able to recreate at home to wow your friends!



The art of perfect scone making

At Cafe Portrait in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery (19th March, 6pm-8pm)

The class will take place after hours at the café at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery on Tuesday 19th  March 2019, from 6pm-8pm.

During this Aficionados Masterclass, you will learn how to work with different flavours and textures to create exciting scones that will both challenge and delight the palate. Our Head Chef will divulge the secrets to creating the perfect scone and will give you tips to ensure you can recreate them at home, much to the admiration and envy of your friends and family!

On the night we’ll be baking scones with a variety of flavours – some savoury, some sweet.  You’ll be enjoying some scones during our tasting session and taking some home… and because there will be cheese in some of the scones it makes sense to enjoy some wine too!


Aficionado: A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a subject, pastime or activity
That really sums up the team at Heritage Portfolio – Aficionados about food!

We love what we do.  Our chefs are chefs, our directors were chefs, our café managers are chefs and a vast majority of our team think we’re chefs!  It’s in our blood and it’s something that we love to share with our clients and friends.

We have a team of experts from every area of hospitality from chefs and bakers to event designers.  And like all professionals, we surround ourselves with like-minded suppliers who we think are the best in the business.  We’ll be inviting them along to some of our Aficionados events so that they can educate, thrill, enliven a hidden passion or awaken an enthusiasm you didn’t yet know you had. Leave it to us to bring the excitement, all you have to do is arrive open to learning and having fun.

The two things that are guaranteed are that you will learn something new and you will have some fun!



Are you a foodie or do you enjoy hosting friends and family and putting on a bit of a show? Then a membership is a great way to live your hobby or buy a foodie friend an annual membership so that they can enjoy learning about what they love.  

We are currently running an introductionary price for our new membership at £50 per person.

What’s included:

  • Advance booking of event tickets
  • Exclusive recipes
  • Members only apron
  • Priority seating or stations at our events (where possible)
  • 15% off ticket sales for many events
  • Members only equipment available for purchase
  • Dedicated enewsletter with hints and tips from the professionals and information on upcoming events
  • Exclusive offers in all cafés by Heritage Portfolio outlets

Click here for more information or to purchase a membership.