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Can we run your café?

Heritage Portfolio have 15 years experience of running ‘in-house’ cafes in all kinds of visitor destinations, so we know the challenges of cooking in historic or even priceless surroundings, and dealing with the public on a large scale.

Each of our cafes is unique with its own personality and style - we’re a long way from being a standard café brand and that’s exactly how we like it. What we do instil in all our cafes however is a love of creating innovative, fresh and utterly delicious food which is cooked from scratch on site.

If you’re looking for a catering partner who can run your café then get in touch. We’d love to discuss our experience and how we can work the Heritage Portfolio magic on your business. Our training programmes, financial and legal know-how, marketing nouse and evangelical love of good food mean we are uniquely placed to create cafés that ultimately will make your visitors very happy and your bottom line very healthy. 



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