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Try something new this veggie month!

Our café, logistics, sales (and many more) teams at Heritage Portfolio always eat our veggies! Not just because we are good boys and girls and they’re good for us, but due to the simple, indisputable fact, vegetables of all shapes and sizes are delicious, when prepared and cooked well of course. This veggie month, we’re sharing our top seasonal picks from March - June, and how best to prepare them!


Artichoke – The natural flavour is best amplified when roasted to perfection and drizzled with delicious olive oil and zingy lemon juice

Beetroot – Our chef likes to par-boil her beets and then roast in tin foil with some garlic to best retain the vibrant colour and taste…Yum!


Cabbage – We love to shred our cabbage and use it raw in our yummy salads. It makes for a nutritious base and gives a dish a lovely crunchy texture.

New Potatoes – To keep them fresh, our top tip is to store them in a dry, dark room.


Asparagus – To make the most of these seasonal spears, we like to give them a smoky flavour by chargrilling them on a griddle pan.

Aubergine – We think that these are best cooked with a spice and herb blend such as Za'atar. We like to slice it into wedges and roast in spices for a rich and moreish flavour and texture.


Cauliflower – Often overlooked, the humble cauliflower has had a resurgence of late and is now a staple on many restaurant menus. We like to slice off a “steak” and cook low and slow in the oven with a natural yogurt and sumac spice mix.

Peppers – These deliciously sweet members of the nightshade family are best chargrilled over a naked flame (stay safe by using metal tongs and gloves). Once cooled, peel and discard the charred black skin and serve the remaining tender flesh in a salad or add to pasta sauces.

There are so many tasty veggies and yet, so little time! If you want to try something new but don’t want to have to deal with the dishes, visit our cafes and try one of our seasonal vegetarian dishes for yourself! Or if you want to learn our foodie top tips, come to our next Aficionado masterclass.