Heritage Portfolio Head Chef Brian Canale

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Brian Canale - Executive Development Chef

Award-winning Executive Development Chef Brian is the Commanding Officer of our kitchen, delivering outstanding food to sometimes vast numbers of people, with poise, precision, and perfect execution.

He runs his brigade of chefs with total confidence, and we don’t think there is a safer pair of hands around to prepare, cook and present food of this calibre on time, on budget and looking spectacular on the plate.

A dyed-in-the-wool foodie, Brian is a true obsessive, whose commitment to finding the best supplier, not matter how small or remote, is legendary. His quest for the finest rhubarb, scallops, smoked halibut, wild mushrooms – whatever is in season - often takes him out of the kitchen and on a mission to source the freshest and the best – from farmyards to fishing boats, all around the country. Because, for Brian and Heritage Portfolio, the integrity of raw ingredients is key to a memorable (as in, best you’ve ever eaten) dish.

It’s Brian our clients meet for tasting sessions and menu chat – he will listen to what they’re after and suggest, adapt, tweak our recipes, or even recreate a special family favourite, if that’s what’s required. Communication is everything and Brian will always take the time to find out likes, dislikes and maybe challenge a party-giver with some new ideas to make their event really sing.