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Kitchen Garden Cafe Modern One

The newest environmental initiative at Café Modern One is the kitchen garden.  After a successful first year, we are looking forward to the upcoming growing season!  Prior to planting, our gardener, Wendy, consults with the Café Cooks to ensure all the produce grown will be useful to the kitchen. 

This season we will be growing parsnip, beetroot, carrots, greens, an assortment of herbs and much more, all using GM free seeds with quality and our customers’ health in mind.  Growing our own produce has had a tremendously positive impact.  Natural wildflowers have emerged, creating a habitat for pollinating insects over the winter and a nectar source during the summer.  Because we can walk into our garden for produce, this initiative helps minimise our carbon footprint.  The cooks are more involved with the creation of recipes, and are able to watch the produce grow before turning it into a dish.  Take a look at some of our delicious creations!