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Waste Management

At Heritage Portfolio, we are conscious of the waste that is generated by our operations.  According to BP Business in Hospitality almost a million tonnes of food is thrown away by foodservice outlets in the UK each year – and that’s before the plate is served to the customer.  This statistic is conscious in the minds of our staff as they prep food, design menus and portions, and serve dishes. 

In order to better monitor our waste creation, we have implemented a waste management program at all of our venues.  This program helps us realise our true waste generation, recognise areas where we can look to reduce waste, and set waste reduction targets.  In addition to our waste management program, we also compost some of our organic natural waste.  At Café Modern One, fresh fruit and vegetables are grown in the garden, transformed into delicious recipes, then the waste is used to enrich the soil of new fruit and vegetables.


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