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There’s two types of people in January: those who decide to do ‘Dry January’ and those who decide to embrace ‘Ginuary’. Ginuary is basically the opposite of Dry January, it is a month of celebration of this amazing spirit. The purpose of this month is to help people discover new flavours and styles of Gin and Gin-based drinks!

Craig Bonner, General Manager of Hospitality at Musselburgh Racecourse is also our Master Mixologist, he is a cocktails enthusiast, always ready to experiment with different spirits and flavours to create new delicious drinks concoctions!

Craig explains to us why he loves gin in his cocktails ‘I love old fashioned 1920’s style cocktails and classic cocktails. There is so much history to them and they were born in the cocktail boom and have never been forgotten. There is so much you can twist and change from classic cocktails to make them really fun and interesting. Gin, vermouth and Calvados are great spirits to play with when making cocktails.’

Since this month is all about Gin, Craig has given us his all-time favourite gin cocktail recipes!

Pink Lady

1 measure of Edinburgh Cannonball Gin

1 measure of Cointreau

A dash of Lemon Juice

1 Egg white

Fresh raspberry puree


The Edinburgh Cannonball Gin works really well for this cocktail because of the intense juniper and lemon flavours, with a touch of Oriental spice.

Click here to download a recipe card.

Curiosity got the Jester

1 measure of Edinburgh 1670 Botanic Gin

1/2 measure of Calvados

1/2 measure of Dry Vermouth

Pink grapefruit puree


The gin used for this cocktail is a limited edition created by Edinburgh Gin in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh. This gin is defined by its aromatic and herbaceous flavours combined with hints of spice and juniper.

Click here to download a recipe card.


When asked what he loves the most about this cocktail, this is what Craig had to say: ‘I love the sweet flavour of Calvados – the undertones of apple goes perfectly with the pink grapefruit, and the dry Vermouth takes away some of the sweetness from the Calvados.’

As you know, here at Heritage Portfolio we are foodies to the core, so of course, we would take Ginuary into our own hands and make something delicious! Cris, our creative cook at Café Modern One at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, has created this delicious Lemon Gin and Tonic Cake!

Click here to download the recipe card.