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Hearts All A Flutter at HPL HQ

There’s no such thing as a Heritage Portfolio wedding that isn’t extra special but when it is held at Mansfield Traquair for two members of our own team, you can guarantee that it will be a day to remember. So we are privileged, honoured and very excited to announce that the wedding of our own Kirsten Rooney (Event Designer) and Peter Somerville (Senior Hospitality Manager) will take place at Mansfield Traquair in December 2012!

Peter, from Edinburgh met Australian-born Kirsten four years ago when they both lived and worked together in London, Kirsten as an event designer and Peter as an operations manager. The couple came across Heritage Portfolio and Mansfield Traquair after a simple Google search, and upon discovering a job vacancy for Peter they moved north. Soon after, Kirsten joined the Heritage Portfolio family as an event designer and the couple haven’t looked back since.

Having insider knowledge has given the couple the ability to create their ultimate bespoke wedding and consequently they know inherently better than anyone that Mansfield Traquair has all the magic that dreams are made of in order to create their perfect day; from the romantic ceremony to the raucous party, Mansfield Traquair plays the perfect host all under one, rather awesome, roof. 

Guests can expect to see a selection of Heritage Portfolio’s favourite suppliers including uniquely beautiful arrangements from Planet Flowers, tantalising treats by Heather’s Cakes, all meticulously and beautifully committed to memory by the brilliant Blue Sky Photography. Both Peter and Kirsten are passionate about food often popping into The Last Word Saloon for a relaxing drink or enjoying a meal in their favourite restaurant Wedgewood’s, so guests are sure to enjoy a spectacular menu, if the couple’s extensive food tasting sessions are anything to go by! These food fanatics hope to surprise and impress with their brilliantly bespoke menu – think Australian summer meets Scottish winter, with several of their favourite gin-based cocktails thrown in for good measure. However Kirsten is playing her cards ever so close to her chest with regards to all aspects of her wedding and none of the Mansfield Traquair team are, as of yet, allowed a glimpse into what is happening so far.

Watch this intriguing space; we’ll be bringing you more news of our insiders’ dream wedding soon. 

For some snaps of Kirsten and Peter's wedding planning so far, visit our Facebook page here.