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How to celebrate Hogmanay!

Hogmanay is a time to celebrate the year gone by, ideally with family, friends and a wee dram or flute of champagne. But what if you’re not from Scotland and haven’t experienced the traditions, what makes a good Hogmanay? Our expert party planning team from the stunning Mansfield Traquair explain what Hogmanay means to them, and why it’s an event not to be missed!

What is Hogmanay?

Jacqueline: A big Scottish party at the end of the year with a ceilidh, good food and good company!
Megan: An occasion to be celebrated with family and friends where we dance and toast the bells at midnight. 

Are there any foods you eat when it’s Hogmanay? 

Cassie: Definitely a platter with different cheeses, crackers and chutneys – yum!
Helen: It was steak pie but I’m vegetarian now so maybe a veggie pie with creamy mashed potato.

How do you celebrate Hogmanay? Do you always go out to/for a Ceilidh?

Helen: In the past we’ve had meals with friends, danced at the Street Party (never again), and one year we even went away to Skye.

This year for the first time at Mansfield Traquair, we’ll be looking after our guests and making sure they have a fantastic time!

What are the traditions you follow for Hogmanay?

Jacqueline: We have our “First Footing” with family and friends, then a tasty a steak pie on New Year’s Day.
Cassie: This year I will be bringing the bells in with our team at our ‘Midnight at Mansfield’ Hogmanay Party!

What do you like to toast the bells with?

Megan, Cassie and Helen (in unison): Champagne!

What’s your favourite Hogmanay memory?

Helen: One of my happiest memories is sipping on a Babycham and tucking into my gran’s delicious Clootie dumpling.
Megan: My last Hogmanay was a fantastic, as I made the decision to move home to Scotland!

Whilst no Hogmanay celebration is the same, what runs true is the importance of letting your hair down and giving yourself a treat! Whether you’re looking for a glamourous venue to toast the bells in, or simply love the history of Mansfield Traquair, join the girls (and the rest of the Mansfield family) this year and dance the night away at our Hogmanay party! 

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