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National Cake Week – The best of our modern and unique cakes

Did you know last year UK cake sales went up by £43 million? As I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s a lot of sponges, Battenberg and countless French fancies. But what do we see on the horizon in cafés? Chocolate, Carrot and Victoria will always have a space at our tables but we like to make sure that our guests are also trying something new! Here are our top picks!

Goji Berry and Carrot cake

Used in eastern herbal medicine, Goji berries are now being used in pastry for its unique taste, complimenting sweet bakes perfectly. Added to carrot cake, it adds a slight richness of flavour that you’ll find nowhere else – and it certainly helps it’s one of the world’s healthiest berries. Another slice anyone?

Buttermilk, pear and maple syrup cake

Complimentary flavours are often hit or miss – but this creation is definitely a hit! Made from tangy buttermilk, it complements the richness and floral notes of maple syrup perfectly making a unique cake that encompasses both sweet, sour, rich and light with the added element of freshly cut pears.

Spinach and hazelnut cake

A now famous creation from our baker, our light as air, sponge is flavoured with hazelnut and chocolate. What gives this cake its star appeal however is the vibrant green from the spinach! We always encourage our guests to try something new and whilst this cake may seem a unique choice – it’s gained countless fans at the cafés!