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This national seafood week, we’ve got a couple of ideas for you to make the best fish pie you’ll ever taste (aside from your mum’s that is!) After all, who doesn’t love locally caught and smoked fish, beautifully plump mussels and that unctuous and crisply burnished mashed potato topping.

Our chef Brian is certainly no exception and despite spending his days creating high-end delights and thinking up quirky new canapés, one of his favourite dishes is the humble fish pie.

“I love a hot, comforting fish pie with a rich buttery mash topping. It’s my favourite because I love seafood and it reminds me of family. I remember it’s a dish my gran would make and it holds a special place in my memories.”

Of course, he wouldn’t be the chef he is today without experimentation and invention. To create a first-class fish pie he suggests only buying the freshest fish possible, making sure not to overcook it as this is a terribly common mishap and when creating the béchamel sauce, add some lovely lovage. An intriguing herb with a subtle hint of celery, it adds clean taste for the palate that contrasts well with rich salmon and briny mussels. 

We’d thoroughly recommend getting a slice of the action this National Seafood Week. Make yourself a delicious and filling lovage fish pie, enjoy!