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There’s no event too big, intricate or quirky for our fantastic Private Team. They’ve served canapés at Edinburgh Castle, planned lavish banquets in royal palaces and have organised countless dinners at the National Museum of Scotland, the stunning Gilmerton House, the Assembly Rooms and many, many more. They’re an amazing bunch so we thought we’d share more about them - read on to learn why Cava is the new Prosecco and why it’s always better to be bold and brave.  

What has been your favourite Heritage Portfolio event so far?

Frans: There are too many to mention! But one that I have fond memories of is the weekend at Heritage Abbey where I had the privilege to play Mr Carson. It was a great experience and I must say that I suited the uniform.

Rebekah: Our most recent Christmas party at the Signet Library was based on Narnia and it was a blast to plan. There was delicious food themed to each area of Narnia such as the ‘Frozen Lake’ fish station and the ‘Western Woods’ station with roasted meats and pies, and it all went down quite the treat (especially the Turkish delight!)

Marta: The event we created for Proud Robinson at the Biscuit Factory and National Museum was great to plan. The event had so many intricate details and moving parts, it was great to see it come together from our end.

Amy: My favourite event was the Centerplate dinner at the Museum last summer. We took a huge space which can host events for 1,000 people and transformed it into an intimate dinner setting for 20 guests. The atmosphere was fantastic and I had free reign on the event design so was able to put my own stamp on it and select some beautiful glassware, crockery, cutlery and linen!

What event trends have you seen? Or what are your event industry predictions?

Rebekah: Events are becoming a lot more interactive, quirky and colourful and a lot more experiential – I can see the norm and traditional events becoming more engaging and creative.

Frans: I think the biggest drinks trend is Cava becoming the new Prosecco! It’s made with the champagne method and driven by quality rather than quantity meaning the taste is exquisite.

Marta: The concept of Experience Design has taken off within the last 10 years in the events industry; how you can customize each guest experience to the individual, regardless if it’s a dinner for 10 or conference for a 1000. It’s great to see how technology and apps can be used to facilitate this.

Amy: We are often asked for more informal dining options such as sharing platters and family served meals. I think veganism is starting to gain momentum and we will start seeing more requests for vegan menus.

What’s your favourite Heritage Portfolio dish?

Frans: Our warm salad of saffron buttered lobster with artichoke puree and poached baby fig, finished with dill oil is extravagant and fabulous, with my favourite herb – dill!

Weronika: Our pork belly with apple canape is delicious. I tried it for the first time about 6 years ago at an event and after all these years with Heritage Portfolio it’s still my favourite!

Marta: I can’t get enough of our pumpkin and toasted cob nut gnocchi with charred asparagus and Padano crisp.

Rebekah: I have a massive sweet tooth... you can’t beat the hot and gooey chocolate tart!

Alister: Our fillet of venison is delicious and our chefs always cook it to utter, tender perfection.

Amy: The coffee bean cooked 'Jacob's Ladder' beef ribs with maple and tarragon, golden wonder and salt baked carrots is my new favourite. The coffee bean and maple syrup make for an amazing combination and compliment the beef beautifully.

What is your top event tip (i.e. any planning, operational or food/drink tips)?

Frans: Be bold and brave! You want your event to be remembered.

Alister: Planning is crucial at any event. Our team know to expect the unexpected, prepare for any eventuality and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Amy: Think about the event from the guest’s perspective, know your audience and what will make the event memorable for them.

Working for the private events team, what are you most proud of? Is it an event you’ve organised or taken part in?

Frans: No two days are the same in Private Team. We go from intimate dinners for 10 in a private home, to gala dinners for 1000 at the National Museum of Scotland and we have a privilege to work with fabulous clients. However I am most proud of the whole team! We are all true hospitality professionals extraordinaire!

Rebekah: We cater for the Tattoo and when we have the opportunity to show this off to clients in amongst the buzz of the festival, it makes you very proud!

Marta: I am proud of the reputation we hold within Scotland for our events, and the amount of creativity and level of experience that is present in the team

Weronika: I am extremely proud to be part of Private Team. I get to work in amazing venues, like Holyrood Palace, National Museum of Scotland, Assembly Rooms and many more. My personal achievement is definitely running Castle Concerts and Royal Military Tattoo hospitality on behalf of Heritage Portfolio.

Amy: I’m proud of working within such a dynamic team. We all have different skills and strengths so together we are a force to be reckoned with! We have to be flexible, forward thinking and resourceful and I’m proud of the fact that nothing is too challenging for the Private Team!

If you’re planning your next event – whatever the size, location or whether it’s a party, wedding or dinner, get in touch with the Private Team for an unforgettable event!