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Meet our Heritage Portfolio sales team

At Heritage Portfolio, we shout from the rafters about our amazing chefs and jaw-dropping events but rarely do we get to show off the teams who are there from the start till end and make it all come together. Today we’re going to focus on our marvelous sales team where it’s not all sell sell sell – we see them as the fairy godmothers (the much younger hipper version anyway,) who can help our clients get the party, conference or dinner of their dreams!

Fiona McLellan, Director of Sales

It’s all about the clients with Fiona – she’s always catching up for coffee, discussing strategy and planning world domination! Fiona also guides our Event Design team making sure we have all the right elements in place, presented in the best possible way for our brilliant clients. Professional, cool as a cucumber and extremely confident ... she’s up for anything (within reason, of course). There’s just one thing in life that defies our Fiona – reverse parking!

Stephanie Lee, Head of Corporate Sales UK

Mixing with the movers and shakers, deal makers and breakers, Stephanie’s role is in developing corporate relationships across the UK. From drinks receptions to dinners and conferences, Stephanie loves meeting people and selling our fantastic venues! Having completed a triathlon, two half marathons and two full moonwalks (not all on the same day) Stephanie loves nothing more than setting a goal and working, or sprinting, towards it.

Kim Barr, Sales Executive

Kim’s been with us since May 2017 and this is her first foray into the exciting world of hospitality. Her highlights so far are meeting new clients and working with creative people – and having delicious cakes in the staff kitchen. Whad’ya know! Kim used to live in New York. Which explains why she is a peanut butter nut: and bagels too. As for liking eggs in her porridge? Goodness knows what our chefs would make of it but maybe it’s fuel for her personal training regime.

If you want to get in touch with our team, email or call 0131 555 2229 – let them look after your perfect event with a bippity boppity boo!