Beetroot and Goats Cheese Wedding Canapes

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Each and every one of our events is a feast for the senses. Whether that’s breathtaking visual effects, the aroma of a specially-created cocktail, the scent of a thousand lilies, the happy murmur of delighted guests or (without fail) the taste of our utterly delectable food, our clients consistently tell us the events we make for them are not just memorable, they’re extraordinary.

Our totally uncompromising attitude to getting it absolutely right, from the way our team pour the perfect glass of champagne and making sure the miniature beef wellingtons are piping hot (and that there’s enough of them – what is it about mini things that people love so much?) to scheduling the band’s sound check and, hang on, someone sort out that loose cable, means we, and only we, are trusted to cater and create events by some very swanky venues indeed.