Cirque du Soleil themed showcase event - waiters serving our creative canapes

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Cirque du Soleil themed showcase event at the National Museum of Scotland


The brief for the event was devised by our client at the National Museum of Scotland. The Museum teamed up with Blue Parrot, an event hire company, and came up with the idea of a “la belle époque”/ “cirque du soleil” theme for the Museum Extravaganza, an event put together to celebrate National Museum of Scotland’s 150th anniversary. 

Event Design

With the brief in our hands, our creative minds sprang into action! We wanted to stand out and propose something different to anyone else. After all, that is what we’re all about at Heritage Portfolio - creating the unexpected! Drawing inspiration from a book, our event design team found The Night Circus - not your traditional circus, but a rather sophisticated and fashionable one. No loud colours or childish patterns, just a simple palette of black and white stripes. The only colour ever seen at The Night Circus is bold red, and instead of being open during daylight hours, the circus exists only at night, leaving it deserted and stark during the day.

With The Night Circus as our inspiration for the theme, we started a Pinterest board and invited all key players from the business - Operations Manager, Principal Event Designer and Executive Development Chef - to start ‘pinning’.  Those initial ideas clarified the event look we wanted to achieve. Our Principal Event Designer and Executive Chef then visited one of our favourite suppliers - Planet Flowers – and our ideas came to life. 

Event Delivery

Sometimes working in a big team can be a challenge – too many chefs spoil the broth kind of thing. However, a master action plan assigning everyone specific tasks, strict deadlines and weekly meetings made the event delivery easily manageable and allowed us to add a wow factor to the Museum Extravaganza. Having only an hour and a half to complete the set up inside the Museum after closing was undoubtedly a challenge, however when you have a great team, you get great results – the museum was transformed into The Night Circus and it looked incredible! It needs to be said, we couldn’t have pulled all the strings without the help of some great suppliers who supported us every step of the way. We’d like to express our special thanks to Planet Flowers, Caroline Stewart Make Up Artistry, CORE Events and Alliance Wine.

Here’s a short video from the event, enjoy!