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The integrity of our drinks list is founded on an unshakeable belief that every last bubble and drop that we serve must be the very best we can find. For example, our search for the perfect Champagne house (what a hardship that was) ended with the House of Pommery – with its divine seasonal Champagnes for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

From sourcing an elegant Bordeaux or a cheeky new Sauvignon Blanc, to discovering a range of artisan ales or doing a deal with a brilliant, local cider-maker, our drinks experts are always on the move. We take our wines as seriously as our food and we are constantly updating our list to include the best of the new. And our professional mixologists are utterly dedicated to the art of the cocktail, with not just alcohol getting the creative touch – lime and cucumber crush, 'drivers’ daiquirí', and even the juice for our 'apple bellini' is taken as seriously as our choice of dark rum or the ultimate gin.

May we introduce three of our drinks maestros:

Craig Bonner

In addition to being General Manager at Musselburgh Racecourse, multi-talented Craig is also our resident mixologist. His ability to create cocktails to match themes and food is unsurpassed because not only does he mix the drinks brilliantly, he loves finding clever new ways to present them. An Academician of the Champagne Academy, having passed the course in June 2014, and his love of our selected Champagne house Pommery, is obvious when he talks about their wines. 

Frans Mortengren  

We recently created a new role within our drinks team and welcome Frans Mortengren as Wine Ambassador for Heritage Portfolio.  Originally from Finland, Frans is highly knowledgeable, super-selective and makes wine tasting a positive pleasure rather than a pretentious ordeal. Working closely with our partner Giles Cooke, of Alliance Wines, Frans creates our wine lists, devising a choice of wines from all over the world, from affordable and very drinkable to unusual and covetable – so there is a bottle to suit everyone including the fussiest wine buff.




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