Chocolate Sphere & Summer Berries Wedding Dessert - Heritage Portfolio
Molten Chocolate Sphere & Summer Berries Dessert- Heritage Portfolio
Melting chocolate wedding dessert -  Heritage Portfolio
Fabulous molten chocolate dessert with berries -  Heritage Portfolio
Bloody Mary Wedding Canapes - Heritage Portfolio
Scottish Smoked Salmon Canapes -  Heritage Portfolio
Saffron Infused Chicken Soup Shot  - Heritage Portfolio
Beetroot Cannelloni with Goats Cheese - Heritage Portfolio
Scottish Fillet Beef Mini Steak Pie -  Heritage Portfolio
Sea Trout Summer Wedding Dish -  Heritage Portfolio
Pear & Drambuie Dessert - Heritage Portfolio
Lemon Cheesecake Lemon Syrup - Heritage Portfolio

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Wedding Food and Drinks

As wedding caterers we admit it, what guests eat and drink at a wedding is, in our book, even more important than The Dress (there, we’ve said it). We like to present an amazing edible experience that sticks in the mind of your guests just as much as the flowers and the best man’s speech. We’ll work closely with you to devise a menu and drinks list that will have your guests brimming with pleasure even at the first sip and nibble.

We’ll chat to you about your favourite things, give you foodie ideas to ponder, then have a tasting, you’ll meet our chefs and we’ll build your menu together.

We have some divine dishes to choose from but if there’s something you particularly long for we’ll try and recreate it – if only Granny’s treacle tart will do, then you can bet your bottom dollar that Chef can make it, and we’d hope Granny would approve!

Once everything is in full swing, you’ll be glad of our indulgently attentive yet beautifully unobtrusive service – stylishly kitted out, cool under pressure and well, really rather attractive, our front of house teams are the business.




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