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Wedding Design & Planning

Of course you want your wedding to be unique – who doesn’t? But it’s easier said than done. By mining the extraordinary talents of our wedding designers, however, your day will be truly original, memorable and one of a kind, no matter where you’re getting married. With unbridled imagination, overflowing with ideas (we have to calm them down sometimes as they do get carried away), our designers can transform the plainest of marquees into a Moroccan souk, Venetian palazzo or your own indoor secret garden. Give them a venue which is stunning in itself and they will use the magic of light, flowers and music to create a theme that’s exactly what you want, even though a year ago you actually had no idea what that was.

If, however, you’ve been planning this since you were seven, and already have a spreadsheet and perhaps a clipboard on you at all times and you know exactly how your wedding will look, you can simply engage our designers (their expertise is all included, folks) to ease the path and lead you to the very best of suppliers, and quite probably come up with some extra ideas which we think you’re going to adore. . .



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