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Cafe Modern One Kitchen Garden

We are thrilled to present our Kitchen garden, still in it's infancy, it has some much to give - watch this space for more news. In the meantime, like our facebook page for more pictures and see below for what's been planted so far and when we hope to harvest our crops.

  • Radish – ‘Breakfast top’ - Mid July onwards
  • Radish – ‘Sicily Giant’ - Mid July onwards
  • Rocket – ‘Mild cultivated’ - Late July onwards
  • Peas - Late July onwards
  • Sugar snap peas - August onwards
  • Lettuce  - ‘ Red Iceberg’ - Late July onwards
  • Lettuce – Butterhead  ‘Grandpa Admires’ - Late July onwards
  • Lettuce – Cos – Crisp Mint - Late July onwards
  • Red Onion - Aug – September
  • Spring Onion - Aug - September
  • Celeriac ‘Brilliant’ - Sept - December
  • Marrow ‘ long green bush’  - September
  • Carrot  ‘Touchon'  (orange) - Sept- November
  • Carrot  ‘Dragon Purple' - Sept- November
  • Carrot - Blanche a Collet Vert' White & Green - Sept- November
  • Carrot - Jaune Obtuse de Doubs- Yellow - Sept- November
  • Beetroot – Touchstone Gold - Sept – October
  • Beetroot – Sanguinea - Sept – October
  • French Bean - Cosse Violette – Purple & green  Sept – October
  • French Bean – cherokee - Sept – October
  • Kale (Sutherland) - November – December
  • Celery  White ‘ Victoria’ - Aug – December
  • Kale (Russian) – Red Ursa - November – December
  • Cauliflower – Sicilia Violetta (purple) - November – December
  • Salad Endive - March


We also have: Lemon thyme, English broadleaf thyme, Silver posie thyme, Lemon verbena, black peppermint, chocolate peppermint, spearmint, pennyroyal, Thai basil & bay leaf. Many of the herbs have been put in because they are fantastic for companion planting and helping to keep the bugs away. This is also the reason there are so many marigolds and nasturtiums, both of which can also be used in the kitchen. Along the length of the long wall are chives and marjoram, both of which were salvaged from gardens. There is also a horseradish plant which we want to put in close to the orchard area, possibly by sinking it into the ground in a pot or by planting into a nicer pot. They can be invasive. But apparently very good to have in orchards and also around potatoes ... the bugs hate the strong scent. So much more to come!